Recent News

5/27/2016- IPG Symposium 

Jacob Washburn presents his work on progressive heterosis at the University of Missouri Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG) Symposium. He was one of the few graduate students asked to present at this prestigious meeting.



4/26/2016- Mizzou’s annual Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum

Satya Kothapalli, Wade Dismukes, and Kevin Bird again present their undergraduate research, this time Kevin’s work on Brassica napus earned him an honorable mention for a Mizzou Advantage Food for the Future category.


4/21/2016- Dr. Pires wins the University of Missouri Ann K. Covington Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award!

Read the article below to learn what makes Dr. Pires such a great mentor!

A Playbook for Success


4/18-4/20/2016- Life Science Week

Satya Kothapalli, Daniel Westfall, Wade Dismukes, and Kevin Bird present their undergraduate research at University of Missouri’s Life Science Week. Wade’s hard work was recognized by the judges and he was awarded second place in the Genetics, Evolution, and Environment section!




4/16/2016- Wade Dismukes and Kevin Bird Win the Chancellor’s Excellence Award for Outstanding Seniors




4/1/2015- Three NSF-GRFPs awarded to the Pires Lab!

R. Shawn Abrahams, Wade Dismukes, and Kevin Bird are all awarded the NSF GRFP!


4/1/16-Sarah Gebken is awarded an NSF-REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) to work with Dr. Ruthie Angelovici this summer at University of Missouri. She will be learning to use the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing method in Arabidopsis!




4/1/2016- Kevin Bird is awarded the Fullbright!

Kevin will be using his Fullbright scholarship to travel to Belgium to work on mechanistic  modeling/ computational systems biology of gene regulatory network evolution by gene duplication.





4/1/2016- Wade Dismukes and Kevin Bird are awarded the Botanical Society of America Young Botanist Award!




3/30/12016- Julia Brose is awarded an ASPB-SURF to travel to Dr. Elizabeth Sattely’s lab at Stanford University to conduct research on phytoalexins in the roots of Brassica species!





3/1/2016- Dr. J. Chris Pires is awarded the Thomson Reuters’ Highly Cited Researchers for 2015!

pires (1)



1/1/2016 -Andrea Ravelo is awarded the GAANN Fellowship to support her through her graduate career!



1/1/2016- Jacob Washburn and Sarah Unruh are awarded Douglas D. Randall Travel Awards!

Jacob will be using the funds to travel to Australia to present his work on C4 photosynthesis and Sarah will use the funds to travel to Hong Kong to present her work on Orchid/Fungal mycorrhizal genomics.